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Why choose Peddle Thorp as your principal consultant?

Make us the guiding force during your project for a more cohesive result.

1 August 2016
By Peddle Thorp

For a range of reasons, you may choose to work with an architect only at specific stages of a project. But there are many reasons to appoint a high quality architectural practice like Peddle Thorp as your Principal Consultant.

By bringing on Peddle Thorp as the guiding force during the life of your project, you’ll achieve a more cohesive result. Here’s why:

Strategic insight offers long-term benefits

Often we are asked to develop Master Plans, which lay the groundwork for important decisions about capital expenditure now and into the future. This kind of planning is critical for sustainable growth: after all, you’re creating assets that you’ll live with for a long time.

But all changes to your built environment have the potential to impact your organisation. Consider the way workplaces can affect the morale and productivity of employees, or how the design of public spaces has the potential to encourage interaction or enhance security.

When we are your principal consultant and you involve us early in strategic discussions, you’ll benefit from our design expertise to help shape decisions that have a ‘whole-of-business’ impact.

A more seamless build

When we lead and coordinate your project, we develop consistent standards and approaches to quality assurance to make the process seamless. We hold our consultants to high standards and insist on working across the same systems to ensure consistency in data capture, communication and documentation.

Our people have the wherewithal to manage big projects: both contractually and process-wise. We’re able to liaise and negotiate well with diverse people. Putting us in charge also allows us to work with our preferred consultants with whom we have a personal rapport, and existing strong working relationships, and established protocols and procedures.

Above all, we’re committed to ensuring the design we’ve agreed on together is executed to a high standard, despite any issues or unforseen complications that may arise.

Big picture thinking

Architects are uniquely qualified to take a project from design thinking to realisation. As the people who interpret your ideas, we are also ideally positioned to maintain the integrity of the design throughout the life of the project.

Details matter to us, but our scope is far from narrow. In fact we are trained not just to work for our client but also to consider the community, the environment, and society as a whole.

We are reflective by nature, and can offer profound insights into the way a building interacts with the site, your clients, neighbouring buildings and the wider community. The fact is, unforseen problems (beyond the design or building process) may arise: it helps to have a principal consultant with the experience and sophistication of a practice like Peddle Thorp.

What we create together

Our aim is always to create buildings that stand the test of time and respond explicitly and aptly to the unique needs of our clients and their project stakeholders.

That requires a careful and composed approach. It requires people with instinctive creative ability, a robust determination to bring concepts to fruition, and the competence to find solutions to problems under pressure.

These are qualities we pride ourselves on, which is why you can trust Peddle Thorp to lead your project.