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Cairns Airport Administration Fit Out

This fit-out brought together all of the Cairns Airport operational staff into a single location and space, with a design that reflects living in Far North Queensland

  • Client Cairns Airport
  • Type Fit Out
  • Location Cairns
  • Completion 2018
  • Cost $2m

Taking cues from the sun, the reef, and the rainforest, the interiors feature elements such as timber veneers, waved baffle ceilings and full colour graphics.

User input highlighted that poor acoustics and a rabbit warren feel were amongst the problems associated with their current accommodation. The new space addresses these issues and more – providing a well-planned fit out that offers multi-use spaces with a high level of acoustic privacy, whilst creating space that is user friendly, calming and a flexible place to work.

There was a conscious decision to go to an open plan layout for the merging departments this also allowed the perimeter windows to be un-obstructed allowing natural light to penetrate to the interiors and providing a connection to the outside airport activities