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Big or small projects: how we work at different scales

We embrace projects of all sizes.

22 August 2009
By Peddle Thorp

We tailor our methodology to the unique needs of your project. Peddle Thorp focus on delivering results that meets the needs of people that live, work, play and learn in your building.

We tackle projects of every size

Whether the project is a small school in the outback, or a high-profile inner city court house, our priority is delivering quality, cost-effective architectural design or interior architecture.

Some projects are less complicated in scope, but still require strong attention to detail, creativity and superior project management skills.

We choose tools and processes that make sense depending on a project’s scale, ranging from paper-based plans to advanced 3D visualisations that rely on our advanced knowledge of building information modelling.

We bring an ideal blend of experience and personal attention to every project, regardless of its budget or location.

Local and international know-how

We have worked throughout Australia, including experience in regional and remote areas.

Our international experience includes the development of large public buildings in Papua New Guinea, large residential and commercial developments in China, and luxurious resorts in Indonesia.

We go wherever your project takes us, while maintaining consistently high levels of professionalism and precision.

Building business – large and small

Many of our clients are small to medium enterprises seeking quality design and interior architecture to help them enhance their brand, grow their business or increase productivity. Shopfronts, dining areas and office spaces are often a small businesses’ best chance to make a great first impression, and create the kind of atmosphere that appeals to customers or employees.

We have also worked on major commercial projects for national companies. Our attitude remains the same: how can we design spaces that contribute to achieving your specific business objectives?

Experience offers better value

In choosing an architectural practice that can adapt its methodology to capably coordinate project of any scale, you need a team that is:

  • seasoned enough to understand the challenges associated with various project types
  • small enough to be a cohesive team that is confident in the ability of each member
  • sophisticated enough to design concepts that create a lasting impression
  • sensitive enough to work with a diverse range of people and project stakeholders

Peddle Thorp’s experience means we have a superior ability to streamline the design and construction process to ensure you get the maximum value and return on investment.