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Integrating Living for an Integrated Community: Time to bring Change.

Peddle Thorp introduces its Integrated Living Advisory Board (ILAB)

3 June 2020

The way people want to live is changing. The industry that designs the housing that we live in is responding.

At Peddle Thorp, we are at the forefront of this change. We see better and more sustainable ways to living in our high density, urban places as well as our lower density suburban communities. In apartments, community housing or retirement living, conventional design approaches alone are unlikely to meet the needs of the 21st Century resident. Evidenced-based, creative design solutions will meet these demands.


What will housing of the future look like?

Who will be able to correctly interpret the current trends, and deliver design outcomes that meet the needs of the 21st Century resident? Peddle Thorp has created Integrated Living as a think tank and design collective unit to explore and respond to the wide spectrum of housing needs of the future.

We see traditional products blending into exciting mixed-use developments offering an integration of services not seen before. With our long history in a broad range of sectors such as healthcare, seniors living, residential apartments, resort hotels, affordable housing, and civic developments Peddle Thorp is well placed to be your designers of choice. We design places that are inspirational and aspirational, that speak of lifestyle whilst enabling high levels of support and care when needed.

Projects that are stitched into the broader urban landscape

Individual projects are pieces of a broader social environment that need to be designed to support and facilitate connected and active lifestyles. We make residential design attractive to a larger cross-section of the community. We do this by making places to live more flexible and interesting. Places that provide compelling reasons to move and downsize; with more genuine and natural integration into the local area. Places to live your life as you would like it.


To help guide and drive this initiative the CEO of Peddle Thorp, Brett Hudson has created an Integrated Living Advisory Board of industry experts and thought leaders. People who are well versed in the design, procurement and management of integrated housing developments and communities.


Meet our Integrated Living Advisory Board


20200522_110052_final.jpg     Nigel Faull – Advisory Board Chair

With 20 years’ experience in the aged care industry, Nigel understands the complexities and the future challenges inherent to it. As an adviser, he assists Boards and senior management with mentoring, coaching and reviewing their strategic direction.

Nigel’s collaborative and engaging leadership style focuses on meeting the vision of the organisation, exceed customer expectations and achieving demonstrable outcomes. With extensive professional networks and stakeholder relationships, he assists organisations to improve and expand their business to achieve    excellence.

He has spent 13 years as CEO of Star Aged Living and was instrumental in its sale to the Sydney-based Whiddon Group. He is a Director of Masonic Care Alliance Australia, Strategic Advisor to Powerhouse Hub on the Gold Coast and Advisor to the Board of CareVision Australia. He has been inducted into the Information Technology in Aged Care (Australia) Hall of Fame in 2012 for his visionary leadership in the Aged Care Industry and was instrumental in the award-winning Star Aged Care Living Model of Care.

Nigel offers the Peddle Thorp team an opportunity to understand the issues of care and management in the industry and brings his innovation and experience to the new concepts of living that we are developing with our clients.

        “I am  impressed by the experience, passion and               competence of the Peddle Thorp team. In this changing    environment for retirement living, aged care and social housing, the opportunity to make a difference to the way we design our housing to enhance our seniors’ living environment is a privilege”.


Matthew.jpg     Dr. Matthew Hutchinson – Board member

Matthew is an architect and researcher with over 25 years’ industry experience. He has completed a PhD at QUT looking into the potential nature of housing in the future for Australia's ageing population. His thesis is titled "Housing for an ageing Australia: What next?" He continues to undertake sessional teaching into Design School courses at QUT.

Prior to his PhD studies he was a Partner at ThomsonAdsett where he headed the Seniors Living Group for the practice nationally. He has extensive experience in a range of architectural developments and phases in a number of Australian states and the UK. He has particular skill in the planning and delivery of residential aged care and retirement communities. He is interested in strategic planning for Australia’s ageing population as well as developing new housing typologies into prototypes for further research and review. Matthew is one of the most experienced seniors’ living architects in Queensland; his experience and advice to the Peddle Thorp team is contributing to new ideas and solutions to old problems.

“I am genuinely excited about Peddle Thorp’s creation of an Integrated Living focussed sector. I believe smarter, more equitable and properly integrated ways of living within the community are essential for the future.”


sofie.jpg     Sofie Pringle - Board Member

Project Leader (Peddle Thorp)

Sofie is a designer, and researcher with 7 years of professional industry experience. Presently completing a Doctor of Philosophy at QUT which is titled “Measuring the Impacts of Urban Environment Features on the Human Emotion ‘Happiness’: Relationships between Urban Features and Affective Well-Being.” The research draws upon empirical findings from psychology, neuroscience, design, and urban planning disciplines. Sofie has presented the research at a number of conferences throughout Australia and in Liverpool, in the UK. It was also shortlisted nationally in 2018 for the Australian Urban Design Awards, and in 2019 for the Minister's Award for Urban Design. She has undertaken guest lecturing throughout the course of this.

Currently, she is a Project Leader at Peddle Thorp Architects and focuses primarily on the Integrated Living sector. She has experience in a range of building typologies from high-end luxury houses, boutique apartments, affordable living, retirement living, to mixed-use residential, retail, and commercial building projects. Sofie is heavily involved in the inception, front-end development and design of building projects, working closely with clients to design buildings that are suited to the market, client intent and end-user needs.

Sofie has a passion for placemaking and the underpinning desire to create healthier urban environments for people and she is also passionate about the improvement and advancement of the building construction industry – particularly with using advanced manufacturing and robotics.

              “I am excited to push the limits, to test new things,             to innovate, and work with those who are inspired and motivated to provide new and better solutions for the future of housing, and ultimately, the future of humanity.”


BBXE9819.JPEG     Integrated Living team Leadership

Peter Gardiner - Senior Executive (Peddle Thorp), Integrated Living

Peter has worked in the aged care and retirement living sector for thirty years. He brings a wealth of experience in apartment and hotel design into the aged housing sector; he is constantly seeking to create a seniors’ living paradigm.

Mr Gardiner has over 35 years’ experience in the design and construction in a wide range of project areas including hotels, hospitality and high-rise residential in Australia and Asia. He has recognised design expertise in university, aged care, hospitality, residential and commercial projects, and is a specialist in brief resolution and facilities planning.

Having been design principal on a broad range of project typologies and largescale new towns, Peter brings commercial acumen and urban design capability to multi-disciplinary mixed-use design projects. Peter is a skilled communicator and negotiator. He is also a team builder, developing strong relationships with the consultant team, project manager, builder and client and is able to develop innovative solutions to the complex problems during design, documentation and in construction.

“The way we live speaks to others of who we are. People know that. At a time in people’s lives when they are limited in their choices by physical or economic means, we need to step up and make sure that the choices they do have are aspirational, something in which they can be proud to live. For an architect, it’s a matter of attitude, of principle”.  

For your next Integrated Living Project talk to Peddle Thorp. Someone to step with you into the future of housing.