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Priest takes ‘mind-blowing’ virtual reality tour through church design

Gold Coast priest Fr Ken Howell has described a virtual tour through Peddle Thorp's design for the new Burleigh Waters church as mind-blowing.

20 October 2014

Watch Fr Ken Howell take the virtual tour

Peddle Thorp are leaders in the application of BIM software to enhance the design and development of architectural projects. Through software developed by design systems specialist Tom de Plater and using an Oculus headset, Fr Howell was able to walk through a 3D virtual reality model and gain a realistic sense of what the new church will look like when completed.

Read The Catholic Leader article about the virtual tour, which includes a video of Fr Howell trying out the technology.

As Australia's largest catholic Parish, the new church will play an important role in bringing worshipers together - with the ability to seat up to 650 people. The Parish had been making plans for many years to develop a larger, permanent church that could accommodate their growing community.

Speaking to the Gold Coast Bulletin about council approval for the project, Parish business and finance manager Jim Littlefield said "It has been a long journey to get to this point and it will be a magnificent building."

View an animated visualisation of our design for the new church.