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Waigani National Courts Complex

​​​​​​​Construction continues for the Waigani National Courts Complex in Port Moresby, PNG

28 April 2020

The three new buildings are starting to take shape, with building C, the future Administration Building for the courts complex, the first to have the scaffolding come down, exposing the rhythmic aesthetic of the sun screening on the façade.


Exposed concrete across the site is in the process of having a mineral stain applied, with varying degrees of transparency, across a range of colours. It is intended that this will deliver a cohesive design aesthetic for the campus.

There are 3 main new build components to the project, an Arrivals Building to the front right of the site, the large Courts Building to the left and the Administration Building behind.

In additional to these new builds, the project also includes future refurbishment of the existing courts building and redevelopment of ancillary buildings on the site. construction works for these components of the project will commence within the later stages of construction.


The project is due for completion in late 2023, with several of the buildings planned to be handed over by mid-2021.