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Working in isolated areas requires flexibility and care.

Senior Housing Think Tank - Hood Street.

When we commit to a project, we commit fully. We’re willing and enthusiastic about managing projects in hard to reach parts of the globe, because they present unique design challenges.

If your project is based in a regional or remote area, rest assured Peddle Thorp will remain an active project participant for the duration. We’re never reluctant to get on the ground: we enjoy the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with local people and organisations that have a stake in each project.

Our ability to work in regional Queensland is particularly strong given our long-term presence in Cairns, and the establishment of our Townsville office.

Remote experience matters

We’ve worked throughout regional and remote areas, and learnt valuable lessons about how to:

Tailor our communication style to engage diverse local communities
Design buildings to make the most of local conditions
Coordinate project teams across distances.
We have worked in isolated areas including Cape York Peninsula, Thursday Island, western Queensland and Papua New Guinea.

Skilled, flexible communicators

While regional projects can be smaller in scale, they often require attention to planning and stakeholder engagement, as well as careful cost management.

Our team are talented, yet down to earth. They know how to synthesise information and feedback to meet the needs of people that will live, work, play and learn in your building.

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