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At Peddle Thorp, we recognise that every project demands a unique response

Peddle Thorp is a progressive and distinguished company, built on over a century of local and international design experience across a diverse range of projects. Our business is the design of quality buildings that stand the test of time in both appearance and functionality. The practice combines a comprehensive understanding of complex issues with innovative design solutions to achieve projects of distinction, that deliver outcomes beyond our client's expectations. The essence of our success is in the collaboration with our clients to fully understand their needs and the adoption of their specialist knowledge as the foundation of our design process. This knowledge is interpreted into sensitive designs which recognise that the best projects will not only be innovative, but are also based on tested solutions, proven by Peddle Thorp's extensive experience. Clients are satisfied, knowing that they have invested in build environments where every design element is tailored to this specific needs now - and into the future. 

Peddle Thorp is a long established architectural design practice with 60 years of experience in Queensland.

We have offices in Brisbane est 1963, the Gold Coast est 1978, Cairns est 1988, Townsville est 2018 associated practices in Port Moresby.

Our practice's solid skill-base is built upon a wide range of architectural, interior design, urban design and planning experience. We work in conjunction with other design professionals to provide clients with seamless, integrated solutions. We have expertise in a wide range of design typologies with projects as diverse as hospitals, corporate and commercial office towers, hotels, retail complexes, art galleries, sporting facilities, building and heritage studies. This experience is further enhanced by the ability to call upon project-specific expertise within the international Peddle Thorp group to supplement local skills. 


We create buildings that stand the test of time and respond explicitly and aptly to the unique needs of our clients and their project stakeholders.

This requires a careful and composed approach. It requires people with instinctive creative ability, a robust determination to bring concepts to fruition, and the competence to find innovative and practical solutions to problems.

We tailor our methodology to the unique needs of your project. Peddle Thorp focus on delivering results that meet the needs of people that live, work, play and learn in your building.



The Peddle Thorp interior design team is passionate about developing creative and responsive interiors. Our concepts enhances the overall experience to build an impressive first impression. Design decisions are made ensure the functional requirements and ambience work seamlessly to create the best user experience.

Our practice embraces an understanding of the complex architectural and spatial planning solutions required for this vital industry. We always take time to develop bespoke solutions for every client.

Our projects are highly efficient and strategic in all stages of the design and development phases. Peddle Thorp interior projects span from remote, metropolitan, interstate to international locations. They include Public Buildings, Education, Hotel/Leisure, Health, Aged Care and Commercial.



Peddle Thorp is a leader in developing creative and responsive healthcare facilities. The practice embraces an understanding of the complex architectural and planning solutions required for this vital industry. We always take time to develop bespoke healthcare solutions for every client.

Our practice seeks to deliver projects that are highly efficient and strategic in all stages of their development. Our experience spans from remote areas and indigenous health care clinics through to niche medical practices and metropolitan tertiary hospitals.

Peddle Thorp understands how absolutely fundamental it is for healthcare facilities to be fully integrated into the local environment and always develop highly functional projects that meet regional and cultural demands.



We work with our clients to create the best long-term strategy for each site. They can move through the stages with confidence that the money they are spending is creating value: that the buildings they build now will retain their relevance throughout the life of the development, and that the master plan has built-in resilience to respond to unforeseen future needs. We consider access, address and legibility, immediate opportunity and long-term value. We value the resources of light, view and address as highly as development density: we create value from tangible and intangible elements. We help to create the ‘big ideas’ and grand gestures that become the core of each development: visual cues, pedestrian experiences, bold architectural interventions or simply sunny, pleasant spaces.  We do this by fully understanding the purpose of the development, testing options, discussing early compromises that enable future value to be unlocked, and creating flexibility in future stages without compromising the final product.

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