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Your architect’s ability to communicate effectively with the people that will use your building is often crucial to reaching a design solution that meets your goals.

Senior Housing Think Tank - Hood Street.

We seek to understand the nature of the spaces we are designing from the perspective of the people that will inhabit them. Our success in engaging stakeholders is founded on a commitment to listening.

Peddle Thorp’s four facets of effective engagement:

Respect: We’re respectful of our clients and stakeholders’ expectations and gain an in-depth appreciation of how they will use or occupy the buildings we design.

Open mind: We do not impose pre-conceived design solutions, but rather consult widely and listen to feedback. As a result, we avoid repetitious or unimaginative design solutions.

Common language: Peddle Thorp gets to know our clients’ business in detail so we can adopt the same language as stakeholders. When everyone involved is communicating with a shared understanding of terms and contexts, it boosts clarity and reduces misunderstandings.

Collaborative workshops: Rather than bombard stakeholders with complex information in a highly-structured meeting format, we encourage a fluid process that lets small, mixed groups discuss ideas and opportunities. We promote participation and a collaborative hands-on design process that encourages ownership of the project and a more robust discourse of pros and cons.

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