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Peddle Thorp's Reconciliation Action Plan

Senior Housing Think Tank - Hood Street.

Peddle Thorp has registered with Reconciliation Australia and has just completed the initial Reflect stage of our RAP.

Four key research objectives and vision include:

• Shared Country First Approach - Teachings based on thousands of years on living with the land and being custodians of the land. We share the same interest in promoting sustainable building practices and to leave the country better than before

• Understanding and respect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and traditions - Challenges faced by the Indigenous communities and recognise the need and value in open, frank, and honest communication

• Outlining ways of engagement – How, why, impact, ways of building strong partnerships

• Prepare business cases to Senior Executives for future reconciliation initiatives Peddle Thorp are keen to avoid pitfalls of Indigenous representation to ensure that we avoid tokenism in design through lack of engagement or missed opportunities in addressing broader themes that address Country and Culture. One of the aims include progressing a collective understanding for First Nation Peoples reconciliation in architecture and advocating for the wider understanding and incorporation of Indigenous perspectives.

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