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Our practice is flexible and works wherever our clients are.

It is through this approach, that we have successfully delivered facilities across many different regions and sectors throughout Queensland and internationally. 


Peddle Thorp is a leader in developing creative and responsive healthcare facilities. The practice embraces an understanding of the complex architectural and planning solutions required for this vital industry. We always take time to develop bespoke healthcare solutions for every client.

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Our projects have involved new education models which support and encourage users to embrace change and new ways of occupying and using the built environment. Our role as design consultants is to translate the framework of client and user needs and aspirations through to a functional, creative, positive form.


Peddle Thorp bring expert local knowledge merged with industry leading design thinking to deliver projects that belong to place and enrich the lives of the people as they Work, Live, Care, Play, and Learn.

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A true industry partner specifically structured to service the Defence market. We craft functional and code compliant designs that translate to integral assets for those serving in the Australian Defence Force.

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We champion the notion of ‘Integrated Living’. Although not a term unique to our organisation, for us it embodies a belief that through one’s life journey, the ‘hardware’ of housing must be conceived closely with the ‘software’ of socialisation, care and support. They are part of the same independent living ecosystem and are crucially integrated aspects. 

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Peddle Thorp believe that good interior design contributes to enhanced mental, physical health and wellbeing. Our spatial solutions optimises interior spaces to ensure Form, Function and Beauty are integrated seamlessly.

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